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HEARTS Coaching

Welcome to our website, the home of HEARTS Coaching!

Are you at a crossroads in life?  Unsure of your purpose or struggling to find your true passion?  Looking to make a difference to yourself and others but not sure where to start?  Well, then you’re in the right place!

‘Finding yourself’ and being able to make a difference to other people’s lives is what lies at the very centre of HEARTS Coaching.  You cannot give what you do not have, so the first step towards changing lives is to start with yourself.

Whatever your background, whatever your personal challenges and goals, HEARTS Coaching can help you gain personal strength and focus, so that you can achieve more, give more and live more!


"As Paul's coach & mentor, I know the benefits of his '3 Pillars of Life' model – helping people to 'Self Improvement, Wealth Improvement & Leave A Legacy' – can be life-changing.

Paul's journey – from pain to prosperity – has been achieved by 'letting go' and he now uses his passion & drive to positively change other people's lives, globally."
Jim Britt, Author of The Power of Letting Go | Former mentor and coach to Tony Robbins for 5 years | Business partner with Jim Rohn for 10 years | Leader in the personal development industry for 40 years | Author of 13 books | Over a million attendees in seminars | Named as one of the top 20 success coaches in the world.

First Steps


This First Steps package is FREE and includes a coaching session valued at £297; focusing upon exploring 8 key areas of your life and then, formulating a goal around your chosen area.

Upon having the commitment to take this First Step, you will be rewarded with the free gift of an inspirational Mind Movie; put together by Paul himself.

New Insights


Our New Insights programme offers a further 12-sessions; delving deeper into the fundamentals of achieving true personal strength, passion and purpose.

This package also includes a variety of supporting media, a free self-empowerment book and discounts on other personal development products.

Golden Goals


Ultimately, Self Improvement is what HEARTS Coaching’s inspirational voyage of discovery is all about; looking to constantly build upon your current levels of success.

We embark on a one-year journey together – creating mega Golden Goals – resulting in exponential growth; by following our Three Pillars of Life model.